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Open houses are a wonderful way for prospective buyers to see your home in the best light. Taking the time to prepare your home for an open house can really help increase your chances of getting an offer from people taking a look. Here are 6 ways to prepare for an open house.

Clear out the clutter

Discard or donate any items that you no longer want or love. If you know something will not work or fit in your new home, go ahead and find a new home for it. Remove all unnecessary items in rooms, closets and in cabinets. Give your home “breathing space” so people can walk through your home and feel good about possibly living there. There are plenty of resources to help clear out your clutter. Consider reading about Marie Kondo’s method or hiring a local junk removal company. It’s all about finding ways to sell a home you are still living in.

Rearrange or stage furniture

Once you take away all items that aren’t necessary, rearrange the furniture so it creates more open spaces. If a piece is worn or too bulky, store the piece and borrow or lease a piece that is a better fit for the space. It’s possible to DIY your home staging but it’s also not a bad idea to talk to the experts.

Light a candle

After living in a home for so many years, it’s likely that it’s developed a distinct scent. Good or bad, it’s probably best to have something fresh. Consider lighting a candle an hour or two before the open house. Some people even suggest baking a fresh batch of cookies. This warms up the home and provides your prospective clients with a delicious snack.

Keep things light

Literally. Before your open house starts, it’s important to open all your blinds and window treatments to let in natural light. Also turn on lights in the kitchen and bathrooms, taking special care to flip on any accent lighting. This will quite literally show your home in it’s best light.

Add a seasonal accent

While you should certainly keep personal items to a minimum, adding a neutral seasonal accent to the interior or exterior of the house can help people feel at home. For example, consider adding a floral wreath to your front door during the spring. This will not only be warming, but will also add some curb appeal. During the holidays, avoid religion-specific decor and opt for something neutral, like a wintery pine cone centerpiece.

Hire the right real estate team

Having an experienced real estate team on your side make a world of difference when it comes to a successful open house. Timing, signage, marketing, and staging are all extra stresses that you shouldn’t have to worry about while selling your home. Contact us today for all of your Las Vegas real estate needs!