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Kirby Scofield

At Scofield Realty, Inc the client makes the difference. Being a fiduciary to our clients and upholding their best interests is our number one goal.

Today, the brokerage covers the Vegas area as well as San Diego. Our agents consistently sell upwards of 200 homes with over $50 million in product a year. Progressing always, year over year increasing the production through the service provided to the clients.

We are always pushing ourselves, utilizing the latest technology, and striving toward the next tier of production by working harder and smarter.

We also fight to be family oriented, and we cherish the friendships we've grown. With us on your side, you have professionals in real estate that will look out for your best interest. Period.

MRP - Military Relocation Professional Certified, RSPS - Resort & Second-Home Property Specialist Certified

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